Last Updated
Monster Statistics Guide
(Version 0.82)
12 May 2005

Gobs of monster information in a familiar format.

Prizes by Location List
(Version 1.1)
19 April 2014

The prizes left by defeated monsters aren't determined by the specific enemy, but rather by the area in which it was encountered.  This document lists prizes and their probabilities for 126 of the game's 127 areas.

Here is an archive also including five other related documents:
- The raw RAM prize data for the locations.
- The format of the prize data in RAM.
- The IDs of the possible prizes.
- A list of the game's locations.
- Why Omnitopia and the main room in the Halls of Collosia sometimes have enemy prize drops, and sometimes Nothing.

Eventually, most of this will probably get its own section in the Monster Statistics Guide.