Last Updated
Monster elemental reactions
(Version 1.0)
13 March 2004
List of the enemies who absorb, nullify, and are weak to each of the 8 elements.  Note that monsters who have more than one reaction to an element are only listed in the most beneficial category (from their perspective).  The game checks absorption, nullification, 50 percent damage, and weakness in that order, skipping the others as soon as it first finds a match.
Lores Acquisition Guide
(Version 1.71)
4 January 2013

Everything you could want to know about getting Lores.

Co-opted Bank C2 Disassembly
A commented disassembly of Bank C2.  Because it's heavily based on Terii Senshi's, most of it's gonna look mighty familiar.  However, I have commented some new regions and expanded/clarified existing explanations.  Meanwhile, he's deciphered some new things I have yet to include, so hit both docs for best results.
Monster Encounter Randomosity
Or with probabilities for everything:
Monster Encounter Randomosity, Detailed w/ Preemptive
12 June 2016
Ever wondered why Jokers never Pincer your party of 4, allowing you to run before Acid Rain eats away your precious flesh?  Or why the pure Mesosaur and Lunaris groups around Albrook politely won't Back attack a seasick Celes?  The game's random number system can prevent parties of a certain size from ever meeting many monster groups in certain encounter types (specifically, Back and Pincer), even though the formation data fully allows it.  This list tells you in exactly what arrangements you can encounter each of the game's monster groups.  The intentionally forced and prohibited attacks are widely known and I certainly didn't decode them; however, the Randomosity information was quite new as of late 2004.  If you want to see why the game works this way, consult this.  And here's a classic GameFAQs thread on the subject.

Note that I've only tested on FF3us.  I'm interested in hearing from FF6j and FFA (and FF3us) players: contact me on the GameFAQs FF6j/FF3us message board, Slick Productions, or Mnrogar's Den.
Monster Pack and Unused Formation Lists
(Version 1.1)
1 May 2012
Has lists of monster formation 4-packs, 2-packs, monster formations not found in any pack, unused 4-packs, and a (nearly) complete list of unused formations.


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