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Great Luck Prize Pack Counter fix
(Beta 0.20)
 Zelda III:
  • USA
  • French Canadian
  • Japan: v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, BS Satellaview
  • Europe: English, French, German
26 July 2008
This game has seven prize packs, whose contents can be dropped by defeated enemies (provided a pack had been assigned to them).  Each pack has eight prize slots, its own counter (that determines which slot the current prize comes from), and a probability that you'll get any prize at all.

Luck, which is granted by the Pond of Happiness, can affect the probability of random prize drops from enemies.  "Good Luck" and "A Little Luck" have a Luck Value of 0, and are synonymous with each other and with normal prize dropping behavior.  "Great Luck" has a Luck Value of 1, and will guarantee the next ten potential random prize drops.  "Bad Luck" has a Luck Value of 2, and will skip the next ten potential random prize drops.

The bug here is that when you have Great Luck, a register isn't preserved, so the game will always use and increment Prize Pack #1's counter for random prize drops.  (It's number 1 because that's what the Luck Value is.)  The subtle consequence is that prizes coming from Prize Pack #0 or #2-6 will be dropped slightly out of sequence while Great Luck is in effect, and this will also shift the subsequent order of prizes won from Pack #1.  Everything is still from the correct pack, though.  The proper counters are used again after the altered Luck either runs out or is replaced by different Luck from the Pond of Happiness.

This fix preserves a register that holds the prize pack #, ensuring the correct prize pack's counter is used.

Comes with three pairs of patches and anti-patches: one for the U.S. version, Japanese version 1.1, Japanese version 1.2, the Japanese BS Satellaview version, and the French Canadian version; one for Japanese version 1.0; and one for the English European version, the French Version, and the German version.  Also includes detailed disassemblies for the code Nintendo wrote and my fixes.