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Turtle Time fix
(Beta 0.20)
  • USA v1.0
  • European English
  • Australian
  • Japanese
  • USA Beta
10 April 2006
The time it takes you to play through the game is displayed inaccurately.  To quote nitsuja, who figured out the bug:

The game keeps perfect track of the number of seconds that you have control during each level, and correctly splits it into hours:minutes.seconds, but then the number printout routine has a bug. It doesn't convert to base 10 correctly, so it accidentally decreases the number it prints by 6 for every multiple of 16 that the number is. This error affects [the hours, the minutes, and the seconds]. So at 59 it will show 41 (the highest number it can print).

This fix converts time units (i.e. seconds, minutes, hours) from hexadecimal to BCD correctly in preparing for their display.  The time you see after finishing the game should now be quite accurate.

Comes with three pairs of patches and anti-patches: one for U.S.A. version 1.0, the English European version, and the Australian version; one for the Japanese version; and one for the U.S.A. Beta.  Also includes detailed disassemblies of Konami's bad code and my fix.